Fashion Award: Most Comfortable Platform Booties

Most Comfortable Platform Booties: Mossimo Supply Co. Women’s “Susan Heeled Bootie”, $34.99 at Target.

SO, Target is not really the place that I think of when I want super comfortable heels; most people assume for comfort and quality you have to pay a lot of moolah. This is not the case when it comes to these boots! Like, OMG! They are ADORABLE and fierce at the same time AND SUPER COMFORTABLE. A lot of times, girls are like “these heels are actually comfortable” and we all know most of the time that is a lie. I’m one of those girls who absolutely loves heels but due to multiple ankle injuries, I cant help but want to saw my feet off or walk like a baby deer after an hour of wearing them. THEN I FOUND THESE. I thought “okay, they’re super cute, and I can afford them, I’ll try them on”…then to my amazement I walked with such feel-good ease. I’m a freelance makeup artist so I find it pointless to buy shoes that are any color other than black and the look of these is perfect. In the picture online they look okay, but in person they look taller and have that edgy look. ( I will even upload a photo of them on if you guys request so for further proof ). Oh, and these are a total dupe of the $139.95 Steve Madden ‘Raspy’ Platform Bootie. They are both the same height at 4 inch heels with a platform. The Steve Madden looks a little more faded in the photo, but in person they both look just about the same shade of black.

Steve Madden ‘Raspy’ Platform Bootie VS. Mossimo Supply Co. ‘Susan’ Heeled Bootie


So, these boots are made for walking, and you strut that stuff with the confidence of knowing you’re not going to face-plant or walk like a new born calf. You’re welcome.

<3 Emily

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