Mani Monday: Best Top Coat for Long-Lasting Polish

Best Long-Lasting Top Coat: CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat, $9.90.

When it comes to newly polished nails, nothing is more annoying then when it pretty much chips off in like 2 days. And not everybody loves shellac or has the time or money to get them done; even if you have an at home kit the process takes a while. Alas, CND is to the rescue with their ‘Vinylux Weekly Top Coat’. Be sure to only apply one thin layer. I like to wait at least a minute after applying the two coats of color polish. It leaves your nails with a pretty, shiny, almost gel looking finish. When I start to think “I’m not sure if this stuff actually makes my polish last longer”, I’m wrong. I notice a significant difference in wear the times I don’t use this top coat. It is not a miracle but this stuff definitely gives you at least a few extra days without chips. I have also noticed that this is pretty fast drying as well. I have not tried the CND Vinylux color polishes yet, so far I’ve only used it with other polishes I already own. So I imagine if it does a good job with random polishes that the CND specific ones will result in an even longer lasting mani. The price is definitely a plus too; I found it on Amazon for about $6 or you can find it for about $9-$10 in store.

<3 Emily

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