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New Foundation Review: MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation, 0.85 fl oz, $32.00.

Let me start off by saying, Holy S*!t Balls! This is AMAZING! MAC made a waterproof version of my HG foundation, so naturally I overnighted it to myself the day it was released online. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. 

In fact, a few things I did not like about the OG Pro Longwear foundation got corrected in this formula. It doesn’t have that sticky consistency and is way more hydrating even though it conmbata oil, so it works well with all skin types, including dry skin. This is probably due to the sodium hyaluronate in there. It also feels lighter on the skin and is waterproof! 

MAC very accurately describes it as:

A tenacious waterproof formula that can be used as a foundation or concealer, wearing for an unprecedented 16 hours. Neither rain nor tears can budge this oil-free watertight product that actually repels moisture from the surface of the face. The formula blends seamlessly on the skin with medium to full weightless coverage and a natural satin finish.”

It works well as a foundation and a concealer. Set it correctly unde the eyes and no creasing!

When first applied, it looks way lighter, but it oxidizes perfectly to the correct shade, so stick to your usual Pro Longwear shade. I’ve applied it with brushes and my Beauty Blender, all with build able, even coverage. I prefer full coverage, so I did two layers. With one, it leaves a very nice natural skin looking finish. With two, it is full coverage. 

The only negative: it comes in a 0.85 fl oz tube instead of the usual 1 oz bottles. Why did you not just make it 1 oz like the rest, MAC?!

Other than that, order it, buy it, love it!!! It gets released in stores on 5/7.

On to the new Pro Longwear Pressed Powder:

I ordered the setting powder that was released along with it, but unfortunately I was not able to try it because I am allergic to soy protein, which is in it. So again, MAC, I ask of you, please list your ingredients online! 

Aside from that, I’m very happy with the new release! Thank you, MAC, for my new holy grail foundation.

<3 Emily

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