Goodbye Acrylic, Hello Gel

So this is not so much a review of a specific product itself, but of my experience on nail enhancements over the past 2 years.

When you walk into a nail shop and ask for a full set, more than likely you will be getting acrylics. I have been getting traditional acrylic sets and fills for about the past 2 years. I’ve never been one to keep them the few times I’ve gotten them in the past, but recently I fell in love with all the options of length, shape, colors etc… But, in the back of my head the whole time I knew that my natural nails were probably not in very good shape under there. I’ve been to the commercial nail shops and rented stations and got both experiences. I must say I prefer the nail stations because, in my experience, they take their time since they work for themselves.

After having nail techs tell me I need a new set instead of a fill, the dremel set way too high and overused, my poor cuticles are get ignored and mistreated, I’ve had enough! I need someone who cares about my natural nail health, will spend the time they need and can communicate well with me. And I knew I wasn’t going to find that at any nail salon or with acrylics.

I’ve done the research and been on the hunt for a nail tech that does true gel sets. Many shops say they do, but if you see them dip a liquid into a powder or smell chemicals, it’s not truly gel! Gel is already a liquid in a pot and us cured by uv light.

Thankfully, I am in the SF Bay Area so if I’m going to find that, it should be here. It’s been harder than I thought, but I finally found a nail tech who fits the criteria I’ve been looking for! I got a true gel nail set made with nail forms and I’m never looking back.

If I ever need them removed, they can just be soaked right off, unlike the hard work and damage that acrylics cause. Gel nails are far more flexible and will move with you, and they also look more natural than thick acrylics.

So, if you’re tired of acrylics and want something less damaging, try gel!

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