Best Full Coverage Foundation Brush

Hello Beautifuls, I know you know my love and devotion toward the Original Beauty Blender, but on occasion this girl needs to kick it old school and use some brushes!

So, without further ado, here are my Top 3 Full Coverage Foundation Brushes!

(NOTE: this is not in any particular order, because every time I think one is better, the other still surprises me and then I can’t choose).

Okay, so I will start off by saying all of these are some version of synthetic bristles, which tend to always result in fuller coverage/better product pick up than natural bristles.

1) F80 – Flat Kabuki Brush, Sigma Beauty, $24.

The only time being dense AF is a wonderful thing! This guy is packing in some bristles for sure and the top is completely flat. I almost want to say that this may be the fullest coverage of the three because of how dense it is.

I really like the quality of sigma brushes and find them to be a much better deal than other pro brands. I haven’t noticed any bristle fall out, which is great. Sigma uses their patented Sigmax Fibers, which claim to not absorb products, and be antibacterial and hypoallergenic. The metal tone comes in either chrome or copper. I got the chrome but I kinda wish I got the copper šŸ˜¬.

best full coverage foundation brush sigma f80
Anyway, all in all, I think every MUA and makeup lover can agree that the Sigma F80 is a staple and must have brush in your collection.

2) M439 – Deluxe Buffer, Morphe Brushes, $13.99.

So, I recently started crushing hard on Morphe! I will get into their other products that I adore in another post, but the M439 is just awesome! For a while I opted for the flat top but this one brought me back to loving round again.

best full coverage foundation brush morphe m439
This brush just results in a very pretty, hd, very blendable full coverage effect. I notice a teeny bit of bristle fall out and my handle started loosening, but for the price, it is well worth it to get the amazing ball of dense soft bristles.

3) 3DHD Kabuki Brush, Sigma Beauty, $24.

Last, but not least, the Sigma 3DHD! This guy really does deliver an hd, full coverage finish. But, what’s really special about it, is the “3D” shape. It gets into the corners, around the nose, eyes, mouth, etc and then you just turn it back to the flat side and blend, baby, blend! I use this one the least out of the three but I don’t really have a reason for that because it really is an awesome brush!

best full coverage foundstion brush sigma 3dhd kabuki

best full coverage foundstion brush sigma 3dhd kabuki

The 3DHD is also made up of the Sigmax Fibers and comes in chrome and copper.

All 3 are great with both liquid and creme foundations. Thanks for reading and happy makeup-ing!

ā¤ļø Emily

Best Makeup Applicator: The Original Beauty Blender

Best Makeup Applicator: The Original Beauty Blender, $19.95.Ā 

Best Value Alert! You can get 2 Original Beauty Blenders & Ā Original Blender Cleanser for $39.95 at Nordstrom or Sephora.Ā 


I use this sucker to apply every single one of my foundations and concealer and even some powders! It really applies my foundation flawlessly and better than any of my makeup brushes have. There is zero streakiness or splotchiness; just an awesome, even application. Also, I have dry skin and using the wet sponge helps press in that extra moisture when applying my foundation. If you’re using a thicker, fast drying foundation, like the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo foundation, the damp spongeĀ makes the application flawless and the foundation much more workable. If you want to use it for powders, for exampleĀ a setting powder for your concealer, you will want to use theĀ side of the top and you want it to be a littler drier than you would normally use it, or else it might remove product instead of apply the powder as a set. I will note that, I have not tried it for shadows or any other kind of powder aside from setting powder.

For normal foundation application, I wet the sponge really well, squeezing it too as I’m soaking it, then I gently squeeze out the excess water and pat it with a towel. You want it so the sponge is wet so it will not absorb and waste foundation, but not so damp that it’s dripping water. It comes with directions and as you use it you will figure out you’re favorite way.

After the first time I used it, it has been my everyday go-to. Depending on how well you take care of it, it can last a long time. I used mine for almost a year. Pretty much once it starts tearing to the point where you can feel it almost poking you or it has large tears in it, that’s when you replace it. Things like washing it with the cleanser and storing it on the container it came in will lengthen its life span. It will eventually lose its bright pink color and look a faded paler pink. You will definitely be buying more so I really recommend ordering the value set online.

Also, the cleanser is a miracle worker for the beauty blenders and for all of my other makeup brushes. You can’t find the liquid cleanser or the value pack in store, only online, so if you’re buying in store, the solid cleanser works just as amazingly and is great for travel.

Give it a try, I promise you’ll love it!

ā¤ Emily