Beauty Award: Kat Von D ‘Ink Liner’

Kat Von D ‘Ink Liner’, Trooper (Ultra Black), $19.

 best waterproof eyeliner 
In my original post, Best Long-Wearing Liquid Eyeliners, I mentioned that I had tried pretty much every liquid liner that claims to be long wearing or waterproof. I had tried the Kat Von D ‘Tattoo Liner’ and mentioned that one had failed my test. However, I never actually tried her ‘Ink Liner’. The formula of the Ink Liner has not only passed my test, but made this liner my everyday go-to. (I heard that she re formulated some of her liners so I may have to try the tattoo liner one last time).

It is a pen style liner with a felt tip that goes on very smoothly with absolutely no tugging at all. You do not have to extend your lid at all to apply this. I’ve had mine for at least a few months and it has yet to show any signs of drying out — this is amazing! It is unlike its other waterproof competitors, like the Marc Jacobs magic waterproof marker that starts to get dry in the first month. 

The formula sometimes does begin to break down in the corners of my eyes if they’re watering like crazy, but it usually still holds up well enough that it is still in my bag everyday. I’ve even cried with it on and it did not run everywhere. 

The formula is a really nice deep true black that goes in very smoothly and liquidy, and after it is dry the color does not change or lighten as some others may do. 

I think the easy application and well designed applicator and formula make it my go-to. If I need to wear a liquid eye liner that I can guarantee won’t move and is waterproof, I would probably reach for my MAC liquid last or wet’n’wild H20 proof. Those are the most waterproof liquid liners I’ve used by far, but their applicators are not as fast and easy to use as the KVD liner. 

Overall, the Kat Von D Ink Liner is, for now, my favorite everyday liquid liner. Because Kat Van D is part of Kendo lines, it is only found exclusively at Sephora for $19. 

Best Mascara for Length, Volume, and Curl

Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara, .27 oz., $23.

This mascara makes your lashes go from “meh” to “Marvelous”! It volumizes, lengthens, thickens and delivers a beautiful dark black that gives you these awesome full dramatic doll-like lashes.

I always use an eyelash curler before using any mascara, but it is not necessary to get the effects, but will make the results even better. My only complaint, this mascara is not waterproof, so it flakes and smudges to an extent. I love the look of this mascara so much though that I use a coat of the Anastasia ‘Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat’ on top (after the mascara dries) to greatly reduce any flaking or smudging.

I picked this little gem up at my local Sephora. They also make a mini, so you can commit to a small one first, even though Sephora does have an awesome return policy.

You’re welcome.

❤ Emily

How-To: Waterproof Any Mascara

I am a huge fan of waterproof makeup because I have really watery eyes from allergies and can’t stand runny makeup. But, we all have favorite products and, if you’re like me, just wish that they were waterproof (i.e. Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara, why are you not waterproof?!). Well, your wish just came true, at least for mascara!

‘Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat’ by Anastasia Beverly Hills, .19 oz., $21.

This is an ultra secret (not really) beauty fave of mine that will turn any mascara into waterproof mascara! Love, love, love. Although it is not as great of a result as using an actual waterproof mascara alone (most likely due to application error) this stuff has really helped fix my “raccoon eyes” problem that I always get with normal mascara. Although, different ways of avoiding “raccoon eyes” is a different post in itself (I will get to it). Make sure to apply one coat of Lash Genius after your mascara has dried.

I purchased it at my local Sephora, and although $21 seems steep, that’s less than the cost of higher end mascaras and maybe this will help you get more use out of other mascaras you may not usually reach for (too much smudging or flaking? Use Lash Genius on top = problem solved). You’re welcome.

❤ Emily

Best Waterproof Concealers

BEST FOR: Dark Circles

Winner: IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer, .28 oz., $24.

I absolutely can’t stand my under eye area… I have almond shaped eyes so everything creases and settles into fine lines and I have tired dark circles and I’m only 23 😦 Plus, I have allergies all the time so my eyes are always watery, so I’ve been looking for a waterproof concealer to really cover those suckers up. This stuff is amazing! If you’ve read my previous posts, you probably know by now that I have dry, finicky skin and this concealer feels oh so moisturizing while making my under eye circles disappear. It feels like skincare and powerful makeup in one. AND I looove it. As I said, everything creases on me and I can’t set my concealers because my skin is too dry, so I cannot attest for the anti-creasing abilities, but I have heard from others it does a good job in that category.

Runner-Up: Lancome ‘Effarcenes’ Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer, .52 oz, $30.50.

I think that if a concealer is really good for dark circles, it is probably pretty good in the other criteria. While I have not figured out my favorite shade, the formula is amazing. It’s really thin, which is awesome for anti-creasing, and is actually waterproof, which is very important in my book. Due to its thin formula, it is build-able if  you feel you need more coverage, just remember to apply one thin layer at a time, letting them dry in between. I think the only reason it is runner-up is because I felt I got more skincare benefits out of the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer. But, you should be using separate under eye skin care to begin with anyway. (Note: the under eye area is very delicate and it is important to really pay attention to what products you’re using and to protect the area…you can do this by using a rich under eye approved moisturizer).

UPDATE: I was EXTRA tired the other day, waking up at 6am for work, so my under eye bags were REAL that morning. I decided to use this in my makeup routine….took BART, got to work and looked in the mirror, and I was a little disappointed. My under eye area almost looked grey. If you’re having a really bad under day, stick with the IT Cosmetics ‘Bye Bye Under Eye’ Concealer. I don’t know if it was a combination of lack of moisturizer and not the right shade or what, but I must say I was not as impressed with my Lancome concealer that day.

BEST FOR: Blemishes

Winner: Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer, 15ml, $32.

This does exactly what it says it does. It is waterproof and girrrllll (or boy), it covers. I must note that this formula is made for covering blemishes and any skin imperfections but is not formulated for the under eye area. It is thin and build-able, just remember to apply one thin layer at a time, letting them dry in between. Happy “my acne is not showing” days forever!

Runner Up: NYX Waterproof Concealer Stick, $4.99.

Okay, this is a low cost alternative that is easy to just stick in your purse and go, and it is waterproof (which is important). I use it to cover any zits or red spots I see pop up and it seems to do its job. I haven’t tried to cover anything too severe so I’m not certain on how full of coverage you can get, but the formula seems build-able.

Hope that helps!

❤ Emily

Best Long-Wearing Liquid Eyeliner

AND THE WINNER IS….MAC LiquidLast Liner, 2.5ml, $20

Best Waterproof Eyeliner 

This stuff seriously stays on all day! Although it does not claim to be waterproof, only ‘long-wearing’, I would consider this formula waterproof because even after I shower and wash my face there’s still product left behind. I would recommend using a good eye makeup remover (right now I use the Mary Kay one, mostly because I have like 5 bottles of the stuff left, but it really does a marvelous job). Anyway, I have allergies and my eyes are always watery and MAC LiquidLast Liner really holds up and does not budge, even in the corners! So, it makes for a great cat eye or winged look. Plus, I wear it everyday and have no problems, which says a lot because my skin is really sensitive, especially my eye area. It has a nice true black, almost satin/inky finish that does not transfer or smudge once it dries. I have tried “long-wearing” and “waterproof” liquid liners far and wide (Stila, Kat Von D, Marc Jacobs, MUFE…) — this one really gets the job done! It retails for $20 and can be found at every MAC counter.

Drugstore Runner-Up: Wet ‘n’ Wild H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliner, 5ml, $3.99

Best Waterproof Eyeliner 

There are only 2 reasons why this is not the winner…the applicator sucks and it does not dry very well. Other than that this stuff really is waterproof and lasts all day. You have to use a small angled eyeliner brush to apply this, otherwise it will get everywhere and will make your lashes dry to a hard, clumpy mess. You need to try and not get any on your lashes and an eyeliner brush will give you that more precise application. Also, you have to make sure you only apply one thin layer or it will seem like it never dries and it will transfer a line to your upper lid (not a good look). If you have the patience and precision in applying this liner, then it is an AWESOME deal. If you’re already at target or somewhere that sells E.L.F., pick up their angled liner brush for $3, I own a few and use them for my liner and my brows (disclaimer: their products vary, so make sure you grab a few off the shelf and compare the bristle lengths and get the one that seems the shortest and most compact). So, for about $7 you get an awesome waterproof liner formula and the right brush to go with it.

3rd Runner Up/Best Felt Tip Long-Wearing Eyeliner Pen: Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Precision Pen Waterproof Eyeliner, $30

That is one hell of a name…OKAY, if you’re like “But Emily, I ONLY want a marker style liner that has a thin felt tip and HATE liquid liner brushes!” then go with the Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Precision Pen. It is waterproof and lasts a very long time, but if you have really watery eyes it may wear in the corners of your eyes, at least it did wear in the outer corners of my eyes. But, the pen is awesome, comes in pretty packaging and is very precise. So if you hate the brush style liners and want a pen style, this is the one to get. It outlasted the ones by Stila and Kat Von D on me.

I hope this was super informative and that you enjoyed the first post 🙂 I will have more to come, so stay tuned!

❤ Emily